Hauteville House (Victor Hugo House)

Hauteville House (Victor Hugo House)

The former home of the famous French writer Victor Hugo which is who our restaurant was named after - one of the most famous individual to have lived on the Channel Islands.

Located in St Peter Port overlooking the sea, Hauteville House was the home of the renowned author for the fourteen years he spent in exile from France (1856-1870). The house and eclectic contents offer a fascinating glimpse into his life on the Island. Hugo found life on the Guernsey very conducive to writing - It was during his time at Hauteville that Hugo wrote one of his most famous works "Les Misérables".

Victor Hugo carried out several projects and conversion to the house and to this day, the house is preserved exactly the same Victor Hugo has left it

Both the house and gardens are open to the public during the summer months, please see below for more information.

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