The Course

With improving a golfer's short game in mind, Tony Jacklin used the natural hilly topography of St Pierre Park to provide a course with a wonderful variety of holes and an abundance of water hazards amongst the woodland landscape.

The Course

Course philosophy

On certain holes there are two tees giving you the opportunity to play an interesting 18 holes on this very picturesque course. Even though our golf course offers a real challenge, no handicap is required. Alongside the course you will find an 8 bay, 250 yard driving range available to hotel guest and golf club members alike.

Course description

1st - The 153 yard opening hole may appear an easy start but a small pond guards the front right of the green which catches any shot that is slight right and not hit accurately. The green slopes front to back so any tee shot should be left below the hole or you are faced with a difficult down hill putt.

2nd - Due to the uphill tee shot this hole always seems to play longer than its yardage of 175 yards which makes it more difficult than the initial appearance. With two bunkers strategically placed some 15 yards short of the green which slopes right to left there is more to this hole than expected. Any shot right of the green leaves a very delicate chip with the green running away from you so accuracy of the tee is crucial.

3rd - Risk or reward is in equal measure at this hole which has the potential to make or break a round for any golfer. With the hole measuring 146 yards anything hit long disappears down the hill leaving at best a difficult chip or may even find the waiting pond. Caution is key on this hole with the sensible play being to hit short and trust your short game to make par – or do you take a risk and hope for a reward.

4th - An uphill approach shot with a fairly short club is required for this hole measuring 142 yards. The green slopes deceptively from the right side of the green so finding the right spot on the green is crucial to making good score. There may appear little danger on this hole but don’t go long as that brings the out of bounds into play which lurks close to the back of the green.

5th - Regarded as the easiest hole on the course at 125 yards but don’t let that initial appearance mislead you. Hit too long of the tee and you will be left with a dangerous chip that even the greatest short game players would not enjoy facing.

6th - This short hole has fooled many golfers and ruined many rounds. Although measuring only 120 yards the need to hit straight and accurate is crucial to escaping this hole without dropping a shot. Danger surrounds this hole with out of bounds to the left and close behind the green, along with trees down the right side and a hidden bunker 20 yards short of the green.

7th - This hole is the beginning of St Pierre Park’s version of Amen Corner. Measuring 151 yards it may not sound imposing but with a narrow fairway and water surrounding the front and right of the green it makes accuracy of the tee a necessity. Make a bad score at this hole and the next two become even more daunting.

8th - The second toughest hole on the course measures 182 yards from tee to green. The down hill tee shot must be accurate to avoid the large water hazard which runs along the right side of the fairway up to the green and the bunker to the left of the green. A well executed long iron or even a fairway wood is required to hit the green.

9th - This is rightly regarded as both St Pierre’s signature hole and the toughest hole on the course. An elevated tee provides a daunting view with a carry of 200 yards to the green which includes avoiding trees, a stream crossing the fairway and a pond to the left of the green. With a bunker positioned to the right of the green, making par here is a good result although the potential to run up a high score can ruin an otherwise good round.

The course card 

HoleDistance (yards)Par
1 153 3
2 175 3
3 146 3
4 142 3
5 125 3
6 120 3
7 151 3
8 182 3
9 200 3

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