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Steven is a fully qualified professional and is working towards becoming an advanced professional specialising in coaching. During his training Steven was very lucky to get the chance to spend some time with John Jacobs, who helped Steven with his coaching philosophy about keeping the golf swing simple and uncomplicated.

Pro Tips

PGA Professional - Steven Wilford

In the four years Steven has been coaching golfers the experience he has gained has been invaluable. Steven has experience in designing coaching and development programmes, working with all age groups. Keeping his belief that teaching golf should not only be simple but also fun has helped Steven earn a great reputation teaching children and lady golfers.

Why choose to develop your golf with Steve?

"Ever since I started coaching golf in 2010, I have had a passion for helping people to improve and give them a greater level of enjoyment in their hobby. It is this passion and a thirst for knowledge that drives me to want to become the best coach possible and enable people to become the best golfers they can be."

Putt for Dough

It’s all very well hitting the ball a long way and hopefully straight but if you can’t putt your scores are going to suffer. The key to successful putting is getting into the right set-up position every time you go to hit a putt. The right set-up is one that allows the arms to swing as one and requires no manipulation from either the hands or arms as they swing.

To set-up to the ball you must have a good solid base from which to start from so your feet should be shoulder width apart. The easiest way to get the ball rolling straight is to get yourself parallel to your target (which isn’t always the hole) with your shoulders, hips knees and feet.

The stroke should be one that isn’t controlled with the hands as these should remain passive through the stroke. Rather, the putting stroke is one that should be made using the shoulders to rock the arms back and through.

It is always worth spending some time to make sure your alignment is right on the practice green. Without doubt, practicing the right things can have a huge impact on your scores on the course.

Fade to Draw

We all know that the professionals can hit fade and draw shots at will and wonder exactly how do they do it. The secret lies in your set up.

To hit a fade where the ball starts left and curves right towards the target, you will need to set up with your body aiming off to the left of the target but with your club aimed right where you want the ball to finish. This will have the effect of putting side spin on the ball make it curve left to right. To hit a draw so the ball moves right to left in the air you will need to set up so your body is aiming to the right of the target again leaving the club aiming where you want the ball to go. Take your swing as normal and trust yourself to release the club as you normally would.

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